Award-winning photographer’s new gallery South Normanton’s Grant Dring won the prestigious Gold Award from the International Society of Professional Photographers in 2012 for his image of the Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower.  Now he has opened his new Retro-lounge and photographic studio featuring his own and guest image makers. Grant explained his individual approach: “I do a lot of High Dynamic Range work which means taking three separate images at different exposures and combining them.  This produces spectacular results with great impact, depth and colour.  I also prefer family portraits that are action shots.  I want to show individual characters and personalities – making the shoot fun and avoiding classic static poses tends to be more successful.” His local landscapes and portraits can be seen in the gallery with other work.  “We are currently showing amazing images of Iceland by an amateur photographer.”  Grant said, “Our coffee shop means that people can just pop in, relax and see the images rather than the gallery being too formal.  They can even use our Wi-Fi”.    “I’ve always been a photographer in my spare time and decided to do it professionally when my previous work became impossible,” he explained.  “It was two years ago that my partner found me collapsed after a seizure apparently due to some form of brain scarring.  Medication means that I can manage the condition but my previous driving career ended when I lost my licence.  While I was recovering, I took college courses to extend my skills and start the business.” Grant’s photography includes landscape images, family and pet portraits, weddings and other celebrations.  “I also have a number of regular clients for model shoots to update their portfolios – and have a professional make-up artist.  My library of over 100,000 backdrops, props and costumes means clients can have images in any style.  They can choose their pictures from my on-line ordering service for prints up to poster size, on canvas or on DVD.  I think that this is the only professional photography studio in the local area and costs are low with in-house printing.”
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