Disability employment. Disability and health employment strategy. We have provided comments on this Department for Work and Pensions strategy  and particularly welcome its focus on personalised support for disabled people which echoes our own self-employment programme.  It proposes a portal for key information for which the Help to Work directory offers a model.  The strategy also accepts that, for people facing complex barriers, partnership working will be key. Targeted support. We commend targeting support for disabled people: not only tailoring services to meet their particular needs but also directing funding to parts of the country where high levels of unemployed disabled people occur. Help to Work. This project brought together over 50 partner organisations all providing holistic employment-related support.  We created products from pooled knowledge and shared expertise to achieve work success stories for disabled (and other) people: Latest Project Evaluation.  How good communications training and shared ethos brings partners together Barriers to employment.  To identify the issues. Help to Work directoryShowing the range of partners’ assistance plus eligibility criteria. Steps to Success.  A model of the steps that clients may need to take to reach work outcomes that could also measure their progress and be used to map partners’ services. Steps to Sustainable Employability.   A further holistic model of the actions to improve employability and so overcome future life-changing events such as redundancy or the onset of an impairment.  It may have resonance when Universal Credit encourages claimants to increase their work and incomes. Understanding demand.  Analysis of local demographic data and the economic consequences  plus broader national data  is key to effective support. Practical tools for individuals. You can download our CV writing tool which is also available as an audio clip and is designed for people who have been out of work for some time.