Accessibility. Reasonable adjustments. Most organisations that provide services to the public (whether or not for payment) and employers know that they should be making reasonable adjustments for their disabled users and employees.  Service providers have an anticipatory duty  - recognising the adjustment needs of their users – whereas employers should be making adjustments once thay can reasonably be expected to know about an employee’s needs.  We cover this in our training sessions – including what is “reasonable”. Accessible information. The Equality Act 2010 also placed more emphasis on providing information in alternative formats and we can provide a short, straightforward  guide for workshop attendees and other clients. Accessible events. Our checklist is a straightforward guide – for anyone arranging training sessions, holding a public meeting, planning a business conference etc.  You can download a copy. Free guide to accessible communications. Download and share this straightforward and practical guide to help make your communications and information more inclusive for disabled people – and everyone else.  Just seven pages of jargon-free practical ideas that will help organisations fulfil their Equality Act duties to make reasonable adjustments